Our Approach to Health

There is nothing more magnificent on this earth than the human body. The miracle of vision, the constancy of a beating heart, and so many other gifts are wonders we take for granted. Yet in spite of all its marvels, the body still develops symptoms that don’t go away. Why is that so?

The answer is INTERFERENCE.

We define interference as anything that gets in the way, and keeps the body from performing as one would like it to. For example, a person might be frustrated with the symptom of high blood pressure. The interference that may be creating that problem could be what he is eating, or drinking, or a stress he is dealing with. When he removes the interference causing his high blood pressure, the pressure returns to normal. Our approach to health, then, is to help identify and remove the interference causing a patient’s symptoms, no matter what they are, allowing health to naturally return.

It is important to understand that the body always does what it does for a reason. If there is a symptom, there must be something causing that symptom, or the body would not allow it. In our office, we determine and work on that cause. Amazingly, there are only 3. They are: Physical Interference, Nutritional Interference, Emotional Interference


Very often this interference occurs with the nerves in the spine. We assess that interference with a Myovision Spinal Scan. Almost any symptom you can think of can have the source of its problem in the spine. Chiropractic is the art and science of removing interference at the spinal level, often with miraculous results. Through painless, light touch, BEST chiropractic adjustments, we remove the physical interference creating unwanted symptoms.


Each cell of the body must have proper nutrients and be alkaline to be healthy. However, many foods and beverages consumed are deficient in nutrients and make the body acid. The more acid or toxic a body is, the more sick the person becomes. We help determine what a patient is doing to make his body acid or deficient, and teach him how  to detoxify and alkalize his body, so that he can naturally have the health he desires. Nutritional recommendations and possible supplementation are used to achieve optimum health.


IMAG004.JPGThoughts, feelings, and memories have a tremendous impact on the body, much greater than a person is consciously aware. A dream can cause a person to break out into a cold sweat, yet it was just an event in the mind. A smell, a picture, a memory, a worry, a fear, or a thought will
cause a physical reaction, usually unrecognized by the thinker. Chronic symptoms have an emotional interference associated with them at least 90% of the time. With Muscle Testing  and BEST adjustments, we are able work with a patient to identify and remove that interference. Better health naturally follows.

Through “Our Approach to Health” patients simply and naturally find their way to health.

The way to heal yourself and be well are detailed in my books:


“The Safe Box of Health – 3 Steps to Heal Yourself,” – a book written for everyone.




“The Word of Wisdom – a Formula for Health and Healing,”- a book written specifically for Latter-day Saints.

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