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“In the Mind are 2 Boxes, the  Safe Box and the Unsafe Box. The one in which we live determines our health.”

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“The Safe Box of Health is an amazing book! Dr. Wilde has covered it all. I moved some of my unsafe things over into the Safe Box, as Dr. Wilde suggested, and a great weight was lifted off my shoulders. I will continue to move things over. He has presented the information for self-healing in a clear, concise, and logical way.” – Meela R.

“Because of the things I have learned from this book, I have been able to avoid surgeries and expensive medications. I would and do highly recommend it!!” – Terisa B.

In The Safe Box of Health You Will Learn:

  • Why the Body Never Makes a Mistake.
  • How Emotional Stress Causes Physical Symptoms.
  • The 3 Causes of Disease.
  • The 4 Laws of Health and Wellness.
  • The 6 Emotional Identifiers to Healing.
  • And Much More…..

Now Only: $19.95 ea

“I went through a divorce and was very depressed for over 9 months. On the 10th month I came down with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I know I made myself sick through my sadness, guilt, and regrets. Our thoughts and feelings are so connected to our physical bodies, Dr. Wilde is right on.” – Rebecca N.

“I had a number of health issues, including chronic kidney infections, constant neck and lower back pain, and painful menstrual cycles. As I read this book I realized I was literally making myself sick!  As I let go of my emotional baggage, my symptoms completely disappeared.  I consider it a must read for anyone who is serious about taking responsibility for their own health and happiness.” – Heather P

“The book The Safe Box of Health is incredible! Before reading the book I did not understand what a strong connection there is between our emotions and how our bodies react to the way we feel and believe. I have learned that nutrition plays a major role in not being sick as well. I have learned that we are in charge of our own lives and that we need to be able to take control! Most of all, I find hope from reading Dr. Wilde’s book and the courage to start over when I need to, knowing that we do not have to be perfect – just in control and trying to be better!” – Trudy L.

“It is truly amazing what you can do for yourself to heal yourself! Reading The Safe Box of Health, and a few sessions with Dr. Wilde has given me invaluable insight and tools to start removing the layers of emotional and physical pain that a life-time of stresses has laid down. Thank you Dr. Wilde.” – Deb S.

Now Only: $19.95 ea

“Menopause symptoms at age 24? I was experiencing all of the classic symptoms: hot flashes, irregular periods, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue, memory lapses, dizziness, weight gain, and many others. I went to a variety of doctors, but received no answers until I met Dr. Wilde. After meeting with Dr. Wilde, reading his book and allowing him to teach me a different perspective on the way the body and the brain function together, I was able to completely overcome my symptoms, get off of all prescription and OTC medications, and get on with an energetic and enjoyable life. Now at age 27 I am doing 100% better.” – Alicia B.

“The Safe Box of Health is a book with a simple yet powerful message that instills hope when you read it! The countless stories of real, every day people overcoming their afflictions cannot be overlooked or dismissed as fantasy. I recommend this book for anyone to read. You will not be disappointed!” – Allen N.

“The Safe Box of Health is a wonderful book that spoke truth to my heart. So many of us want to be the victim and blame our illness and struggles in life on something or someone, other than ourselves. By addressing the emotional cause of my problems, I have been able to understand what it is I’m doing to create such a life for myself and know what I must do to change it. By applying the principles taught in The Safe Box of Health, healing will take place. Thank you Dr. Wilde for this much needed book! “- Sherri J.

“The principles Dr. Wilde teaches in The Safe Box of Health have greatly enhanced my life and the health and well-being of my whole family. These concepts really work.” – Toni C.

“The Safe Box and Unsafe Box is a very powerful concept. It has helped me, very quickly, to be able to recognize how the experiences I’ve put into my Unsafe Box through the years have come back to haunt me emotionally and physically. I’m so very grateful for this book that has helped me learn how to take those out and put them into my Safe Box. The difference already in my attitude and health has been incredible to me. Thank you Dr. Wilde for sharing your wisdom.” – Adria S.

Now Only: $19.95 ea

“Because of some major injuries over several years, I began to have life altering panic attacks and health deterioration. I was very unhappy and thought I was going crazy. Physically, I was having muscle cramps every night and my back hurt all the time.  I saw my doctor who diagnosed me with asthma and MS. I first saw Dr. Wilde when he lectured to a women’s group and for the first time felt hope. What he taught was life altering. In his book, The Safe Box of Health, he teaches principles that will change lives.  I know because it changed mine.  I have energy, I feel hope, my back and leg muscles feel good and I feel whole again. If someone were to read one book on health, I would highly recommend The Safe Box of Health by Dr. Bradley R. Wilde.”  – Stacey W.

“I have suffered with a stiff and painful neck, bad shoulder pain, and unexplained poor health for many years. Through the principles described in The Safe Box of Health I have experienced the pain relief I have needed, both physically and mentally. I’ve come to understand that physical and mental healing are tied together and forgiving of oneself and others is truly healing.” – Betty M.

“After reading The Safe Box of Health I decided to use Dr. Wilde’s suggestions to see if I could improve my own health. I had been dealing with many sore spots and painful knots in my upper back and nothing seemed to help. I was amazed, the knots and pains disappeared one by one and have never returned. Dr. Wilde’s book is amazing and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to read it.” – Karen L.

“I have applied the principles that Dr. Wilde teaches in The Safe Box of Health. As I came from a medical “Doctor Fix me” background it has been a challenge, but I can honestly say I am healthier now than I was 28 years ago.” – Ruth R.

Now Only: $19.95 ea

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