The Liahona Principle


And within the ball were two spindles; and the one pointed the way whither we should go into the wilderness.”

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What if, when you came into this world, you received a compass to guide you in your journey through life? How much better would your life be? How much more purpose, direction, and insight would you have?

In the Liahona Principle, you will find that we all have access to such a compass. You will learn, as Nephi and Lehi of old, that there is a Liahona to guide us in life’s journey, help us solve problems, and give us insight and understanding. You will learn how simple it is to use that Liahona and how profound its blessings can be.

You will be inspired as you read stories of how others discovered what they needed to know, feel, or do as they looked into their Liahona. If you would like more inspired direction and enlightened purpose in your life, then the Liahona Principle is a book you must read.

“As I applied what I learned in The Liahona Principle, I received an understanding of Heavenly Father’s will for me, even though it was not what I thought I wanted and had originally prayed for. I am learning that there really is help, and that the scriptures are truly there for me, in a very real sense.” – T.L.

“I have learned that if we want to speak with the Lord and ask questions, we go to him in prayer. If we want to hear his voice, we can go tot he scriptures. In the scriptures, he has already revealed his will to us. We must simply open the scriptures to find answers to our prayers.” – J.W.

“I knew that Heavenly Father was speaking to me. He knows me… Most important of all, I knew that when I needed answers, the answers could be found if I would just open the Book.” – D.J.

“I know that the Liahona Principle is a true principle. it is a simple tool, because the Lord is behind it. It allows God to help us in our times of need. We will bring ourselves to Him as we open our scriptures.” – A.L.

I have found that each time there is something I need the Lord’s help with, the answer can come in a powerful way by opening the scriptures.” – T.C.

ONLY  $9.99

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